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Flexor CTI for Outlook / CRM

For organisations relying on CRM activity for business success, the ability to easily integrate VoIP telephony with an on-demand CRM system or PIM can deliver significant business advantage by improving productivity and streamlining business processes – resulting in improved ROI.

Features such as click-to-dial, screen popping and on-screen call control raise productivity, whilst the ability to journal and log calls direct to customer records and report on all call activity ensures that team sales performance along with inbound, outbound and call time efficiency is maximised.

Downloaded over the web directly to a user’s desktop, and requiring no servers, Flexor CTI bypasses costly system and equipment upgrades, and speeds implementation. It is an easily scalable solution that also minimises IT support – even when implementing across multiple sites in different countries.

Flexor CTI for Outlook - available for this ever popular Personal Information Manager.

Flexor CTI for CRM - available for a growing range of on-demand Customer Relationship Management applications such as Flexor CTI for Salesforce, Flexor CTI for Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Flexor CTI for NetSuite.

Presence Management - available for both Flexor CTI for Outlook and Flexor CTI for CRM providing peer presence status information between users within the same organisation regardless of geograpical location.

 Presence Management

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