Note   This example may differ slightly depending on your choice of telephony

Flexor will now attempt to scan for your telephony device. Note this differs slightly depending on your telephony:

  • Snom Handsets - this example shows Snom. For more information click here.
  • TAPI PBX or Handset - for more information click here.. Note your IT support may need to give you some additional software to connect to your TAPI PBX or handset.
  • Skype - for more information click here..
  • Polycom Handets - for more information click here..
  • Asterisk PBX - for more information click here.. Note your IT support will need to have configured Asterisk first - direct them to this link.
Step 1   After a short delay the Flexor OnScreen window will appear. Click on Continue >> in the Welcome Screen to continue.
Step 2   Once the scan has completed, select your device and the click Add >.
Not Found   If you had problems with the scan, check out the detailed instructions for each device

The following guides provide details about adding devices for each type of telephony:

Step 3   Congratluations Flexor Manager is installed. Click Finished to start using Flexor Manager.
Support Information   Flexor Support Information

Flexor support pages can be accessed via this link.

You can e-mail support by clicking here.